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Why Choose The Essentials Books?


Computer book series having lesson created on latest and relevant application and software; unlike other published books which have lessons on dated and obselete technologies.


One computer series for all kind of educational boards whether the school follows IGCSE, SAT, or CBSE board. The series covers the technologies mentioned by every board with supplementary applications to give improvised content.


School teachers are free from content hunting and composing task as this series comes with Teacher Handbook having lesson plans, answer keys, keyboard shortcuts & charts. IT Teachers also get workshop and training on new technologies taught in our books.


School students learn the applications and software that are in-trends with current times through hands-on technique. They are liberated from subjective learning and are inducted towards objective and aptitude kind of learning and assessments.


School parents get institute-level approach in computer education for their children and frees them from the burden of enrolling for computer proficiency courses after the completion of school. 


School gets a curriculum that induces smart learning through interactive activities, electronic quiz, video tutorials, data files, online sub-domain for teacher to access lesson resources.

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